Online teaching

Levebee is an essential tool for online teaching which will enhance students' experience, create motivating learning opportunities, and save teachers' time.

How does Levebee enrich virtual classrooms?

  • An abundance of exercises and educational games in a digital form are at the disposal of teachers.
    Tutors can expand students' knowledge, boost productivity and awaken their interest through interactive exercises available online and easily accessible in the app.
  • Levebee can be accessed by teachers and students on separate devices.
    Both students and teachers can access the app on various devices from the comfort of their homes. The exercises can be run on phones, tablets, laptops and computers.  
  • The app facilitates communication between teachers, students and their parents.
    All students, parents and teachers may create their profiles in the app and access them during the class as well as afterwards. Both the parents and teachers may supervise a single student's profile, send each other messages and run exercises.
  • During a class session, teachers can quickly give students access to their profiles without logging in.
    If students haven't registered yet in the app or teachers simply don't want to waste time logging in, they can give them access to their profiles and lists of exercises with a PIN code generated by the teacher.
  • Teachers can create their own exercises.
    Levebee lets teachers create and share various learning activities for their students to make classes even more personalised. Tutors may create their own educational games, warm-up activities, and exercises used as a form of assessment.
  • Motivate students in the online learning environment
    Levebee's rewarding system keeps students motivated and engaged. Completing each exercise rewards students with honeycombs which can then be exchanged for stickers in a virtual shop. Students collect sticker sets throughout their educational journey. While practising, they're also cheered on by an animation of a bee.

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