Why do children love Levebee?

Why do children love Levebee?

Kids are very excited when using the app. They want to keep playing because it’s entertaining and motivating for them. Especially the shop makes them want to come back to the exercises and games.
- Hana Hruba from Creduo language school

  Shop function

After completing exercises in Levebee students earn honeycombs which they can trade for access to certain games or exchange in the Levebee shop. The shop offers various boards and stickers. Each board can be filled with different stickers so students complete their boards as they practise with the app. The purpose of the shop is to keep students motivated on their educational journey.

  Images and sounds

Boring texts are a thing of the past. Learning with Levebee is engaging because of an abundance of colourful images and audio recordings in the app. It's easier for students to focus and learn new vocabulary, phrases and grammatical construction when they can see them depicted in a graphical form. Exercises become games, assignments are entertaining and studying is simply fun!

  Recording your voice

Students practise their pronunciation by listening to a recording and repeating what they hear out loud. They then record their own voice in the app and compare recordings. This technique does wonders! Students tend to be more eager to correct themselves when they can hear their own pronunciation juxtaposed with the correct one rather than when a teacher corrects them.


At the beginning of each exercise, a countdown is played. An animation of a traffic light changing from red to green light is displayed together with an enthusiastic voice '3, 2, 1... let's go!' Young students get excited as they shout the numbers eagerly and get ready to run to the interactive board in their classroom to complete their next linguistic challenge. Look at the students from Creduo language school in the video below who just can't wait to start practising with Levebee again!

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